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Aloha Everyone!

I thought it would be fun to share my quilting adventures with you. This year has kept us isolated, unable to travel, thrown into the briar patch of our own fabric stashes, UFO's and project dreams.
It has been tough to be separated from family and friends, but a time to reflect, consolidate,and prioritize what is important. I have thrown my Grandma heartache into making baby quilts, stuffed toys, dreaming all the while about seeing my grand daughters again. Madison was born April 6, just as the pandemic hit. She will be one year old and walking before I am able to meet her.
The good news: Peter and I have had our two vaccinations!
We just got in a wonderful collection of Charley Harper Fabrics called SIERRA RANGE. The collection features a panel of a woodland scene, plus a large deer and butterfly designs that can be made into stuffed toys, or used as appliques. I chose the coordinating fabric  SIERRA DEER FIELD to use for the borders of this baby quilt.

I was inspired to make this quilt by the birth of twin girls, born to our son's good friends. It was so soothing to imagine two identical babies rolling around in a forest scene. I love the mountains of the west coast, and all the creatures on this panel, from California Quail to the stylized wild azaleas are so evocative. 

Check out our Charley Harper Fabric!