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Waves & Birds Cyanotype Pre-printed Japanese Sashiko Fabric Panel

Hand-printed cyanotype sashiko panel by Sylvia Pippen. Includes sashiko instructions. Thread and other supplies sold separately.

What is a cyanotype?

A cyanotype is a photographic print in white on a blue background made usually on paper or cloth which is light-sensitized with potassium ferricyanide and ferric salt. A permanent print can be made by layering objects over the sensitized material and exposing it to a UV light source.

Each panel is hand-printed for you by Sylvia Pippen; no other work required besides stitching the sashiko, which is also printed onto the fabric. Save the transfer step—just stitch over the dashed lines!

*Note: The stitches are permanently printed on the fabric so they cannot be washed off. Your sashiko, however, should completely cover the dashed lines.
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