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Perfect Thread Bag


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One of my all-time favorite notions! Keep your threads organized!
Truly the Perfect Bag for holding your Invisifil, Genziana wool/acrylic, Mettler, YLI and small Aurifil threads, and any other spools of a similar size for hand applique. Has 4 zippered pockets for thread and one larger pocket for sewing notions. Fabrics will vary in design.
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Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede and a zipper across the top. To the zipper and place spools of thread across the row. Before closing the zipper, thread a strand of the thread from a spool through your needle and then take the needle through the ultra suede. Do this with each spool in the roe before closing the zipper. Bringing threads through the ultra suede does not damage the ultra suede so you can re-thread as many times as you like.
Now when you hand applique you can place the bag beside you and simply pull on the tail of the thread outside the pocket. This bag keeps you organized which allows you to get more applique completed.
the bag has a ribbon on the outside so when not in use you can roll the bag and tie it with the ribbon.