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Ocean Birds Cyanotype Pre-printed Japanese Sashiko Fabric Panel

Hand-printed cyanotype sashiko panel by Sylvia Pippen. Includes sashiko instructions. Thread and other supplies sold separately.

Product Description

What is a cyanotype?
A cyanotype is a photographic print in white on a blue background made usually on paper or cloth which is light-sensitized with potassium ferricyanide and ferric salt. A permanent print can be made by layering objects over the sensitized material and exposing it to a UV light source.

Each panel is hand-printed for you by Sylvia Pippen; no other work required besides stitching the sashiko, which is also printed onto the fabric. Save the transfer step—just stitch over the dashed lines!

*Note: The stitches are permanently printed on the fabric so they cannot be washed off. Your sashiko, however, should completely cover the dashed lines.

Cyanotype panels combine beautifully with Moda Tochi fabrics