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Press-Over Mylar Appliqué Method

Step 1.

  • Trace appliqué shapes onto Mylar.
  • Mark overlapping areas with dashed lines. Add approximately 1/8” seam allowance onto dashed lines only.
  • Mark number or letter and “top” to indicate the right side.
  • Cut out Mylar shape on traced line.

Step 2.

  • Place Mylar Template right side up onto the right side of fabric.
  • With a chalk pencil, draw around Mylar template adding 3/16” press-over allowance.
  • Cut out fabric shape on the drawn line.

Step 3.

  • Place fabric shapes wrong side up onto a paper towel.
  • Spray with starch until completely soaked.
  • Blot excess moisture with another paper towel.

Step 4.

  • Place the Mylar templates, wrong side up, onto the wrong side of fabric shapes.

Step 5.

  • Use the point of the iron to start folding and pressing the seam allowance over the Mylar.
  • Always push the iron toward the fold-over allowance.