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2019-06-25 Remembering Kitty at the PNW Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum

Come & see my Mother's extraordinary quilts......................
Remembering Kitty

Quilts by Kitty Pippen

Pacific Northwest
Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum

June 26-July 28, 2019
Opening Reception
Saturday, June 29th, 3-5 PM

703 South 2nd Street, La Conner, WA

Kitty Pippen was quilting “royalty.” She was renowned for her use of Japanese fabrics and techniques in her quilts. Her unique sense of color, design and texture were remarkable. Our quilting community was overjoyed when both Kitty and her daughter, Sylvia, moved to La Conner in 2014.
It was always a treat to be around this diminutive lady with sparkling eyes and hear her talk about her travels, tell how she developed a certain pattern, or brag about her daughter’s beautiful sashiko patterns.
Kitty Pippen’s first exhibit here, Quilts with a Japanese Flair, was curated by the Museum’s founder, Rita Hupy, in 2002.  Quilting with Japanese Fabrics was her second exhibit in 2015.  Kitty passed away in August, 2018. This exhibit, Remembering Kitty, honors her legacy and irreplaceable presence in our quilt and fiber arts community. 

All exhibit pieces were loaned by Sylvia Pippen.