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2019-05-09 Flight Block of the Month

Hello Everyone!

Our next drop in Flight class is Saturday May 11, 9-12. 

Note on the Kingfisher Block:
The width and length dimensions of the block are very close. I checked the schematic in your instructions and I was not consistent how I listed the dimensions of every block.
Most are obvious, but not the Kingfisher. Thanks Mary for bringing this to my attention!

The finished dimensions of the kingfisher block is listed width (horizontal)  first, length (vertical) second; 9 1/4 " wide x 8 3/4" long. So trim your block to 9 3/4" wide by 9 1/4" long. 

Don't trim until you finish the rest of the blocks; always hedge your bets to see how it all fits!
Happy Stitching!   Sylvia