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2019-02-05 Trumpeter Swans update

Hello Flight Folks,

A small correction on the large pattern of the Trumpeter Swans:
There is an incorrect arrow pointing to piece #27.
If you use the cutting guide, all the pieces should fit together properly.

Our monthly drop in classes are so fun and thank you for bringing your tips and techniques to share.
Here is a great one shared last Saturday:

Use Fray check or Fray Block on the edges of your wool piece to keep them from fraying.This works especially well on the fine serrated wing tips of the Swans or the Maple leaves in the Goldfinch block.
I have tried both products and don't see a difference between the two.  You can apply the Fray check or Block on the edges while the freezer paper is still on the piece. It makes it easier to handle. Be sure to let them dry completely before gluing or stitching them down.  Both products are pretty smelly until they dry and have flammable warnings. I have not tested washing the wool treated with the fray products.

I am stocking both products in the shop and online; they should be available by next week.

Happy Stitching!