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2018-11-06 Flight Block of the Month

Greetings Flight participants!

First of all, thanks to all of you who registered for the "Flight" Block of the Month. We will be shipping your Flight kits December 3.

Before we ship, we need your credit card information and whether you want to receive your blocks in a "one time shipment" or receive them monthly (one block per month over an 11 month period).

Costs for the two options are as follows:

Monthly blocks                 Shipping to:                  Cost:

                                            USA                            $7.00/month 1st month: $8.00

                                            Canada                       $7.00/month

                                            Australia                      $9.00/month, 1st month: $11.50

                                            United Kingdom             $9.00/month, 1st month: $11.50

One Time Shipment
 (includes insurance)   
                                            USA                         $18.00

                                            Canada                     $30.00

                                            Australia                   $40.00

                                           United Kingdom           $40.00

We do want you to be aware, there is a postage increase coming, and if necessary we will need to adjust these rates. If shipping is less, we will pass the savings on to you.

Payment Information:

We will need a valid credit card number before we ship.

Please call Indigo Stitch 360-466-2625,  Wednesday thru Sunday between the hours of 11 am & 4 pm PST to give us your credit card information & shipping preferences.

Credit Card Charging:

Monthly BOM: Your credit card will be charged each month for 11 months, beginning December 1st before we ship out your Flight Kits.

One time payment & shipping option: Your credit card will be charged beginning December 1st before we ship out your Flight Kits.

Those of you who registered by phone, we have your card number; however, you may want to call to verify that. If we haven't heard from you by November 15th, we will begin calling you. Do not send your credit card information via e-mail; you must call. If those times don't work for you, e-mail us and we will work out a time & a phone number for you to call us.


Optional Thread PacketCost: $42.50 plus shipping

For your convenience, we are offering applique and embroidery embellishment threads

     6 spools of 100 wt. Invisifil polyester thread 
    7 spools of Ellana ( Sue Spargo) #12 wt, 2 ply wool/acrylic thread.

NEW! Drop in Classes and how-to videos for 2019 Block of the Month


We are offering free drop in classes once a month to help you with your block. We will send monthly reminders of the upcoming class. For those too far away to travel, I will be posting how-to videos online.

 Looking forward to stitching together on our Flight through the New Year!  Sylvia